Find all the reported issues of any smartphone

Take better informed purchasing decisions

Smartphones are getting more expensive by the year. It is really frustrating to pay a lot of money for a smartphone but receive a device plagued by issues. Thats why the savviest buyers are researching the wanted device on the internet prior to the purchase. Now that got a low easier: you don't have to browse dozens of forums anymore because you have all the reported issues in one place: Gateproof.

Check if your specific smartphone issue has been reported by others

Usually if you've identified a problem, someone else already reported it online. The problem is you don't really know where to look, because they might post it on either specialized mobile forums or social media - thus making their post hard to find. Gateproof centralizes all the know issues making it easy for you to know if the problem that you're facing being faced by a lot of people.

Get public awareness on the specific issues that you’re facing

Manufactures don't really care about fixing or even acknowledging serious issues unless they risk to face some serious backlash. Today it is knowed that most of the times the only way to make them acknowledge is to get a viral campaign regarding the issue. The problem with getting such a campaign of the ground is again that most of the people that are facing the issue are not gattering in the same place (forum, social network group). Having a well documented list of all the issues and reports will empower their cause of getting the issue acknowledged.

Find solutions or updates on reported issues

Sometimes the manufactures do actually fix or acknowledge the issue, but the users might not find out about it. Using Gateproof you can get notified whenever a solution is provided, either by the manufacturer or the community, or when the issue has been acknowled by the manufacturer.